Here at Beloved, we champion the date fruit: the whole date. In all its raw glory and finer forms.

We juice it, mince it, slice it, chop it, squeeze it, pulp it and pit it…

From palm to plate, Middle East to the UK, our team has developed in-depth knowledge on dates. We’re here to offer you dates and date ingredients of the highest quality, yet we’re more than just your date supplier. Our UK knowledge centre is always up to date on R&D, food safety, consumer trends and nutritional expertise, and we will offer you full technical support. 

Discover the delicious character of dates. Naturally sweet and full of flavour, dates add a magic twist to anything from desserts, cakes, confectionery and biscuits to cereals, sauces, chutneys and beverages (and beyond). Perfect for sweetening, binding and achieving delectable products.

Gain unparalleled access to our UK knowledge centre and nutritional papers from around the world. Beloved nutritional experts will help you find your perfect match and maximise nutritional benefits and clean label claims of your products. We will help you innovate and develop healthier, tastier and improved products to meet your customers’ needs.


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Even after decades of development, we’re still finding new uses for this incredibly versatile super-fruit. From sweetening, to binding, to reducing sugar content, we are here to work on solutions for you. No customer is too small or too large for Beloved.

Fusing Eastern wisdom and Western science, we’ll match-make you to your perfect date! And guide you through every step toward ‘datelicious nutrition’.

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