Beloved Beginnings

For thousands of years, Eastern cultures and nomadic desert tribes have known about the high nutritional values and slow release energy of the date fruit, often surviving on a date diet for weeks. Small wonder then, that the palm date has been bestowed with mystical properties.

Middle East, a centre of date trading and production for over a thousand years is where it all began for our company. Here some wise men had a vision to bring Datelicious food to the tables of Europe. For many decades they had been cultivating different varieties of date fruit, with their range of flavours and medicinal qualities. And the products they developed…mmm datelicious. They crossed the deserts and seas to find like-minded folks in the West to help. We hope you’ll agree they’ve succeeded.

At the Heart

At the heart of Beloved is the passion to support reliable employment to local date farmers. With little prospects of alternative employment around the farms, a loss of date cultivation would take more people to the cities, fracturing the country’s rural communities.

The genesis of Beloved was the passion for sustainable rural communities of a member of the Omani Royal family, and the cradle of the brand grew in Nizwa – the ancient capital of Oman and an important crossroad on the fabled spice route.

Consumer Brand

At Beloved, we have all been busy crafting and creating healthy Datelicious foods for Western tastes and lifestyles. We have developed expertise and experience in creating natural, delicious products sweetened only with dates and our whole date juice concentrate. That’s the way it’s always going to be at Beloved. Care and attention in all that we do.

Our consumer range can be found in Waitrose supermarkets nationwide. Find your nearest stockist below, or simply purchase by the case online right here.

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