From the first date...

Allow us to woo you with the magical qualities of our super-fruit

We want to be your healthy sweetheart.

We began as a consumer brand with one mission: to champion the date fruit. We are now a leading UK date ingredients supplier, taking collaborative partnerships one step further by offering bespoke solutions, technical expertise and market insights.

After years of development, we extracted the delicious elixir from the fruit, bottled it and launched our unique date juice concentrate, known as Date Nectar under our consumer brand. By developing our consumer range, we found it not only to be a great sweetener but also a great binder; so, we launched the world’s first granola bound with natural date juice concentrate (not nasty glucose syrup).

…and that’s where the idea of developing a range of 100% date ingredients was born.

We’ve gained in-depth understanding of consumer needs, practical application to reducing refined sugars, and expert development of natural, healthier and delicious products. We specialise in creating innovative solutions for food manufacturers to keep their customers healthy and happy.

In line with the government plans to reduce sugar intake and increase fibre intake, market trends towards clean and clear labels, and consumer expectations of healthier yet delicious food, we whole-heartedly believe dates are the answer.

As an ingredient, dates offer a great solution for reducing sugar content, enhancing taste, increasing fibre content, and making clean, gluten-free, vegan, no refined sugar, and 100% natural claims on food labels.

Let us show you how dates, date juice concentrates and date paste can help improve your product’s nutrition and exceed the expectations of your customers.

through engagement...

Our on site development team will partner with you to develop a truly unique solution.

No more refined sugar!

We are here to create long-term partnerships. Our team, based in our Knowledge Centre in the UK, is dedicated to food safety, quality and innovation. You’ll be in safe hands, and so will your customers. Our technical and product development team can provide bespoke solutions for your products. Need to improve your product label? Clean up your ingredient declaration? Or enhance the taste of anything from pickles to chocolate brownies? We have the perfect date for you.

Transparency and authenticity are gaining an increasing importance in the eyes of consumers. They are curious about the story, origin and sustainability of their food. We therefore source our dates globally from responsible suppliers who provide sustainable employment, development and research to their local date farms.

Our factories are HACCP certified and independently audited with strong traceability and the high food safety and control procedures in place. We’ve got you covered, from palm to plate. a match for life

Ending in a superior product for you and your customers.

It’s what we call a datelicious job well done, from you and your Beloved.

Our experts will listen to your needs, problems, ideas and dedicate their time and knowledge to provide you with a unique solution for your current, and future products. As we believe in and develop life-long partnerships based on knowledge sharing, we’ll keep you up to date. By becoming our partner, you’ll get access to exclusive market trend reports, scholarly articles and in-depth nutritional information about all things DATE!

100% natural, refined-sugar free, vegan, clean, raw, high fibre… are all the benefits you can market by using dates. And all the benefits consumers are now looking for.

Join us and let us show you how dates can improve both the nutrition and taste of your products. It’s what we call ‘date nutrition’ we’ve tested it on ourselves through our consumer range and we’d now like to share it with you.

Date solutions in action

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