Datelicious Taste

Known as “candy that grows on trees” in many Eastern cultures, dates are sweet and succulent with notes of toffee, butterscotch, lemon and caramel. With over 400 varieties of dates available worldwide – that’s a huge taste palette to pick from – we’re here to help you find your perfect match.

We’ve sampled hundreds and hand-selected our favourite varieties to offer you a range of date-licious flavours.

Let’s not shy away from sugar...

Yes dates are sweet, yet they are fruit, raw fruit. That means the natural sugars come with fibre, so that the sugar release is slow; and that can help reduce blood-glucose spikes. Dates are naturally low-GI – but unlike some other “low GI” sweeteners they’re not concentrated fructose.

When used correctly, dates can help reduce your recipe’s sugar content. Due to their high sweetness index, you can use around a third less than refined sugar and still get that indulgent flavour profile.

Straight to the dates

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