Date Turmeric Latte

Using four natural ingredients only, this date-lightful and date-licious Date Turmeric Latte is packed with antioxidants and great flavour.

Bounty Bliss Balls

Make 100% natural Bounty bliss balls in a minute - using date paste, date nectar, cocoa and coconut flakes only. Simple & indulgent & datelicious!

Date Turmeric Smoothie

Date & Turmeric Smoothie a day (date) keeps the doctor away. Made with healthy ingredients and sweetened with Date Nectar, it's an elixir of health!

Superfood Smoothie Bowl

Summer is just another word for superfood smoothie. Using only natural ingredients, it's packed with minerals and anti-oxidants - and some love, too!

Date Granola Bars

The usual glucose syrup, muscovado sugar and honey used for binding granola bars are replaced with Dark and Golden Date Juice Concentrates which allow refined sugar free claims and are suitable for vegans.