Choco Date Truffles with Date Paste

Luxurious treats are often simpler to make than they look, and Beloved Date Paste helps make premium treats like truffles and energy balls without the need to blend dates or use artificial ingredients. Our health food blogger Karen, known as I Run Like A Girl on her blog and social media, has developed a refined sugar free recipe for chocolate covered date truffles using Beloved Date Paste


  • pitted or dates
  • almonds
  • Beloved Date Paste
  • refined sugar free chocolate, melted


  1. Cut open a pitted date, or pit a whole date.
  2. Wrap the date paste around an almond, and stuff it in the middle of the date.
  3. Cover the date with melted chocolate and allow to cool.

Choco dates are a very popular dessert in the Middle East. While truffles and fruit based luxury confectionery are becoming increasingly popular on the UK market, consumers are also looking for short ingredients lists and natural ingredients. Karen’s recipe provides a solution allowing clean label claims, great taste and premium appearance.

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