Chopped Dates Market in the UK Explained – Trends & Analysis

Chopped dates market in the UK has been growing exponentially over the past few years with dates becoming an increasingly popular ingredient. Although products like date paste and date syrups are entering the market as well and are becoming recognised for their versatile use among British food and beverage manufacturers, chopped dates are still the most commonly used date base ingredient. They are mainly used in cereal products where they add great naturally sweet flavour without any refined sugars, and increase fibre content. Let us lead you through the chopped dates market in the UK – and show you how to take it to the next level! 

As the graph below shows, there’s been an increasing number of new product launches and relaunches in the last 5 years. We’ve also split those products into different categories, and the cereal category stands out significantly. 53% of all products with dates are namely within the cereal category, either as breakfast cereals or cereal bars. This category is known as the key final destination for chopped dates, which are a very popular ingredient in the likes of muesli and fruit cereal bars.

Dates market in the UK: product launches and relaunches using dates as an ingredient have been growing with 23% rate in the last 10 years

Dates market in the UK: dates as an ingredient in different food categories


To get a more detailed insight into the chopped dates market in the UK, we’ve created a graph showing the product launches and relaunches using chopped dates in specific. As the image below illustrates, there has been a significant shift towards using chopped dates. Interestingly, the number of new products with chopped dates in only the first half of 2017 has almost reached the number of products with chopped dates launched in the whole of 2016. We are therefore predicting a strong growth for future as well, particularly in the light of the new governmental guidelines to reduce sugar content by 20% by 2020. Food manufacturers are already actively looking to replace sugar with natural alternatives and chopped dates provide a perfect solution to satisfy the consumer preferences for sweet, delicious products yet comply with clean and clear label requirements.


Chopped dates are the most commonly used date based ingredient in the UK. The number of new products launched or relaunched in the first half of 2017 has almost equaled such product launches in the whole fo 2016!

Here are some of our recipes developed by our Technical and Innovation team, showing how to use chopped dates in cereals: Date Granola Bars, Apple, Cranberry and Nut Granola, and Orange and Date Flapjack Bars.

To take dating to the next level, we’ve also created some recipes showing the versatile use of chopped dates. They make a perfect match in sticky toffee pudding, bakery products and even as a snack on their own!


Looking for a bespoke recipe? We’re all yours!

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