Date Paste – The Game Changer.

Date paste may be the best alternative sweetener you’re not using. Dates are naturally moist and sticky with hints of caramel, brown sugar and soft toffee like texture. These qualities make our date paste an excellent alternative to processed sugar bars, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, sticky toffee pudding, sauces, jams and many, many other recipes. Date paste also has more than a few health advantages over the white (or brown) stuff.

Adding sweetness with dates means adding nutrition without refined sugar’s roller coaster ride. Sugar has many bad side effects on us, not only is it easy to get addicted to it, it also makes us feel not so good when eating it, however, we can’t help but go back for more! The natural sugar in dates, invert sugar, is easily absorbed and assimilated (used) by the body. Yet, their high fiber content makes them a low-glycemic index food. So, date paste and dates in general, not only support healthy blood sugar levels and elimination, but also helps you stay full for longer. Dates are also high in iron, calcium, are even richer in potassium than bananas. Dates are also a rich source of minerals, such as chlorine, copper, magnesium, sulphur and phosphorus.

Clearly, dates and date paste knock out refined sugar in the nutrition contest. But, how do they compare to sugar when baking?… Actually, pretty well, thanks to the unique chemistry of date sugars. According to a recent publication by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, “In most varieties the sugar content of the date fruit is almost entirely of the inverted form.” Medjool dates are particularly high in invert sugars at about 70-78% of the sugar content. 

A sugar is ‘invert’ when the sucrose is divided into its components, glucose and fructose. This occurs naturally with dates, or with the addition of a fruit acid, as is done when making jam. Because this creates very fine sugar crystals, invert sugar is used in making candies and fondant which require a smoother product, making it a favourite of bakers. Invert sugar is also recognized by bakers for its hygroscopic (to be absorbed) properties, meaning it attracts moisture, increasing tenderness while extending shelf-life. Invert sugar also contributes to the Maillard reaction (caramelizing), aiding in the browning process.

So, satisfy your sweet tooth and baking needs with dates! Use our date paste. Easy.

We’re always around for a chat and would love to get our technical team to help incorporate dates into any product you may have that can now be refined sugar free or if you would like more information about this product please get into contact with us.

Here is an easy Ferrero Rocher Bliss Balls to try out at home!

It doesn’t get more indulging than Ferrero Rocher bliss balls… Especially when they’re made with completely natural ingredients and without any refined sugars. Too good to be true? Not at all! Our Date Paste provides a datelicious, convenient solution – as it’s very malleable, it blends incredibly well with other ingredients. Although it’s made 100% of dates, it does not have a strong date flavour or date aftertaste, so you’ll have a feeling you’re snacking on actual Ferrero Rocher balls – just in a healthier form! 

Ingredients (for cca 20 bliss balls):


  1. Place date paste in a blender and add cocoa powder.
  2. While blending at full speed, gradually keep adding Date Nectar until a consistent dough is made. The mixture should become one big ‘ball’ stuck together.
  3. To make Ferrero Rocher bliss balls, place chopped hazelnuts in a bowl. Take a walnut size piece of the date dough, press into the hazelnuts so they firmly cover the dough and then roll into a ball. Repeat until you use all of the date dough.
  4. Enjoy!