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We’re helping support Public Health England in their quest to reduce the UK’s sugar intake!

‘Public Health England exists to protect and improve the nation’s health and well-being,and reduce health inequalities. We do this through world-leading science, knowledge and intelligence, advocacy, partnerships and the delivery of specialist public health services. We are an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care, and a distinct delivery organisation with operational autonomy. We provide government,
local government, the NHS, Parliament, industry and the public with evidence-based professional, scientific and delivery expertise and support.’

Beloved featured on the Food and Drink Federation website which represents the UK’s biggest manufacturing sector. in this article they looked into ways in which food manufacturing companies can reduce sugars within their products.

‘Public Health England (PHE) leads a sugars reduction programme for all sectors of industry (retailers, manufacturers, and the out of home sector). This was one of the actions in the Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan published in 2016.

The program challenges every business to a 20% reduction in the average sugars per 100g of their portfolio*, weighted by the sales volume of each product. The baseline year is 2015, and the 20% reduction is to be achieved by August 2020.’

To support companies in their sugar reduction journey the FDF released a live article which we are a part of! We are on the list of suppliers of reduced sugars ingredients and sugars alternatives!

Our Beloved Date Syrup has made it’s appearance on this list as it is a great ingredient for many things like; health bars, cakes, biscuits, salad dressings, breakfast cereals, yogurts, ice creams, morning goods, puddings, chocolate confectionery, sweet spreads and sauces,drinks, baby food.

Take a look a the document here.

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