Food Trends at BBC Good Food Show Birmingham

On 15 June, Birmingham opened the door to a variety of food manufacturers, brands and companies who exhibited at the BBC Good Food Show. BBC Good Food Show is a set of food festivals across the UK, offering live entertainment, cooking inspiration, shopping and tasting. It attracts some of the big names in the UK food industry, and it attracted Beloved, too. We were excited to learn about some new players on the market, spot some new food trends and taste unique and exciting flavours ranging from sweet to savoury. 

The show revealed two key food trends – firstly, indulgence continues to play big role in food industry, providing ‘me moments’ to consumers. Secondly, brands and manufacturers are increasingly exploring and making ‘free-from’ ranges, aiming to satisfy the taste and needs of health aware consumers. Although the two might seem mutually exclusive, they can actually go hand in hand when care is taken to provide natural, carefully sourced ingredients.

Beloved team was absolutely charmed by creative displays and innovative food combinations, specialty ingredients and of course, cooking skills of the chefs present. We couldn’t help but wonder what they’d make with our Date Paste or Date Juice Concentrate (Date Syrup). Dates provide indulgent, naturally sweet flavour and enhance the flavour of the final products. They offer solution even for those who might not like date flavour in particular – Golden and Clear Date Juice Concentrate (Date Syrup) offer natural sweetness, yet the typical date flavour is not present. Date ingredients therefore help achieve clean label claims, such as reduced sugar, free from refined sugars, 100% natural, gluten free and vegan, and are therefore the link between indulgence and health.

Beloved would like to thank the organisers for well organised show and bringing together experts, lovers and innovators in the UK food industry. Till next year!