Perfect Summer Date: National Picnic Week

Nothing tastes sweeter than a summer romance (well, our dates do, but that’s another story). This summer, Beloved is having a summer fling with National Picnic Week, an annual celebration of picnics around the UK. No need to say picnic is one of our favourite date spots!

Between 16 and 25 June, the UK will be picnicing even more than usual. The Relations Group, the National Picnic Week organiser, has prepared a range of activities to encourage people to go outside in the nature and get together over some tasty dishes and drinks, games and music. “Picnicking is one of the UK’s most enjoyable summer traditions, and is a great way of taking advantage of any open spaces in your local area over the warmer months of the year. Since National Picnic Week was founded a decade ago, it has grown significantly and become a staple date in the media calendar.” 

Beloved immediately accepted the invite to a picnic date and now we’d like to encourage you to join, too! Ditch unhealthy and processed snacks and make healthy, natural snacks your partner in crime, sorry, partner in date. Exclusively for the National Picnic Week, Beloved have donated our Date Hearts (Zesty Orange) for the goodybags for people to enjoy a healthy, natural and unrefined fruit during a game of frisbee or a music festival.

Date Hearts (Zesty Orange) are 100% dates with a hint of Natural Orange Flavouring. Although their production has been terminated, you can actually make them on your own. They are made of our 100% natural Date Paste, which is pit-free and easily malleable and therefore a perfect match for any healthy snacks for your picnicing. You can buy it online by registering as a trade customer.

We’d like to thank the Relations Group for putting such a great celebration together, as well as to their corporate partners for making it all possible. Now we’re only waiting for you to join – don’t miss out the perfect picnic date!

Tell us how you’re spending the National Picnic Week on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts – you never know, we might join you for a date or two!

Perfect picnic date. Copyright: National Picnic Week