Beloved Date Nectar

100% natural, whole date nectar (date syrup) made from 100% dates. Date Nectar retains some of the benefits of the whole date and it is a source of natural minerals, phytosterols and anti-oxidants. Unlike honey, it is suitable for vegans. Great for pouring over pancakes or waffles, sweetening hot drinks, porridge and cereals, or as an alternative to sugars for baking and cooking. There is simply no other nectar like it.


Typical value as prepared per 100g:

  • Energy 1260 kJ / 300 kcal
  • Fat 1.7g
  • of which Saturates 1.0g
  • Carbohydrates 68.0g
  • of which Sugars 65.0g
  • Fibre 1.1g
  • Protein 1.1g
  • Salt 0.6g

Minerals: Per 100g | DRI | %DRI*/100g

  • Manganese (mg)*: 0.7 | 2 | 35
  • Magnesium (mg)+: 72 | 375 | 19
  • Potassium (mg): 750 | 2000 | 37

Contains natural carotenoids, phytosterols and polyphenols.
*+ Contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism.
* Contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.


  • 100% Whole Date Nectar


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100% whole date nectar (date syrup) – great for pouring over pancakes or waffles, or as an alternative to sugars for baking and cooking.

Date Nectar

  • Case of 6 x 340g packs
  • Please note that cases in current stock are going out of shelf life end of October 2017. Date Nectar is safe for consumption after BBE date, too, however if you require fresher stock, please contact us at

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