Date Paste

Date Paste

Dates with stones removed and minced into a soft malleable date paste. Offers ease of mixing into sauces, bars, cakes and biscuits. Provides excellent colour and flavour to sauces, such as fruity brown and BBQ sauces. Excellent binding for cereal bars offering natural sweetness and no added refined sugars. A smooth, soft, consistent quality, which maintains its texture throughout shelf life – with no addition of rice flour. Passed through a fine sieve to produce a virtually pit free date. Specific date sourcing to find the perfect variety to make the best quality date paste. The soft texture throughout its life improves the quality of your finished product.

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  • 100% natural
  • Source of minerals
  • Suitable for use in vegan and gluten free formulations
  • High in fibre and low GI
  • Suitable for use in ‘no added sugar formulations’
  • Sealed, high-barrier bag: date paste remains soft through shelf life

Great in cakes and sauces!


Product Code Weight Format Units Per Case Price
Q201 12.5kg Carton 1 £21.34

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