Golden Date Juice Concentrate

Golden Date Juice Concentrate

Golden coloured syrup with sweet soft caramel notes ideal to replace golden syrup, agave or honey in cakes and biscuits. Extracted from 100% dates and filtered to achieve the rich golden colour with no chemicals used.

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  • 100% dates, no additives
  • 100% natural and unrefined
  • Use 20% less than refined white sugar
  • Contributes towards clean and clear label
  • Suitable for use in vegan and gluten free formulations
  • Great alternative to (partially inverted) golden syrup, sugar and invert syrup
  • With mild caramel notes and rich golden colour
  • Very sweet delicate flavour with no bitterness

Great for baking  in place of golden syrup!


Product Code Weight Format Units Per Case Price
Q119 25kg Bucket 1 £75.00

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