Special Ramadan Date: Beloved Launched in Tesco

Now you can get your favourite date in Tesco, too. Beloved range has made a match with Tesco stores which will be offering Beloved 100% natural range of Date Nectar and Date Cereal Bars exclusively during Ramadan. Dates play a strong cultural, religious and culinary role during Ramadan, and Beloved are happy to spread the Ramadan dating across the UK.

Join us on a special Ramadan Date and treat yourself to healthy, date-licious and nutritious 100% natural Beloved products. Dates are a staple food of Ramadan. Muslims all around the world break their fasting (Iftar) with a date, a tradition that has its origins in the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and the Hadith literature: “The Messenger of Allah would break his fast with ripe dates before he would pray. If those were not available, he would eat dried dates. If those were not available, he would drink some water.”  Since dates are high in naturally occurring sugars, as well as vitamins, minerals and fibre, they replenish the body after the fasting.

Beloved range will be available in Tesco stores from 16 May to 4 July. Perfect time to make a date!

You’ll be date-lighted to be able to go on a double date with:

  • Date Nectar, made from the juiciest whole dates and absolutely nothing else – this alternative to honey is perfect to naturally sweeten your Ramadan recipes.
  • Date Cereal Bars are bound with Date Nectar (Dark Date Juice Concentrate) only, and contain no nasty refined syrups. During Ramadan, they are a great snack for Iftar, and a healthy lunchbox match, snack on the go or post-workout recovery food on any other day.

Date Nectar sweetens recipes 100% naturally and adds a date-licious, caramel flavour. Works magic in Ramadan treats!

At Beloved, we understand the importance of healthy eating during the Ramadan. That’s why we only make 100% natural and 100% date-licous products, made with finest ingredients only. To get even more inspiration, check out our Recipes – and feel free to share any of yours at @belovedates on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Have a happy, healthy and Beloved Ramadan!